These set of articles cover just the absolute basics of trading stocks. I realize that some of you are trading veterans, but many of you are not. Consider this a “Stock Trading 101” course.
Learn all about day trading stocks – some day trading basics such as what a day trader does, how to become a day trader and much more. Below are some introductory articles and some more advanced articles on day trading and trading stocks online.
All About Day Trading Stocks – Guide to Day Trading for Beginners


Intro Into Trading – What Is Day Trading

Many people are interested in getting into day trading because it allows you to work from the comfort of your own home and be your own boss! Day traders buy and sell shares of stock within the day … [Read more…]


How to Become a Day Trader

Learn how to be a day trader, discover how to trade, if trading is right for you and find out if you have what it takes to become a day trader … [Read more…]


Trading Strategies – Choosing a Trading Style & System

There is a variety day trading strategies & techniques out there. With so many styles and systems, it might be difficult in choosing one that best suits you. Choosing the trading style that suits you best is absolutely necessary for the long term success as a professional trader … [Read more…]


Trading Tools – What’s in a Trader’s Toolbox?

In some professions there are certain tools that must be used to get the job done. Just like a carpenter needs certain tools to do its work, so do day traders use tools to trade. Day traders use a variety of tools … [Read more…]


List of Brokers for Day Traders

There is a variety of online brokers out there to choose from, but only a handful of brokers actually cater to the day trader. When choosing the right day trading broker there is a variety of factors to consider … [Read more…]


9 Rules of Trading Stocks

Some traders like to hang a set of trading rules next to their trading desk, which always reminds them to stick to their trading plan & rules, and ultimately makes them a more successful trader … [Read more…]


8 Trading Mistakes to Avoid

Trading can be a tough business and many traders lose money, in part because they make avoidable mistakes. Here is a list of some of the most common trading mistakes that traders should avoid doing. … [Read more…]


8 Day Trading Alternatives

Maybe you like the idea of day trading stocks, but maybe sitting alone in front of the computer is not for you or maybe you don’t have the funds to do it right now or for whatever reason. Luckily enough there is a variety of alternatives to day trading and alternative jobs that are similar … [Read more…]