Stock Market Basics – An Introduction to the Stock Market

Learn some stock market basics and all about stocks. Below are some introductory articles on the stock market for beginners. The articles will answer some of the most common questions about the stock market.

Stock Market Basics – Stock Market for Beginners


What Is a Stock

Stocks are shares that are issued by a company. When you invest in stock, you buy ownership shares in a company. Each of these shares denotes a part ownership … [Read more…]


How To Invest in Stocks

In school we all learn how to read, write and learn many other things. However, one thing schools never really teach students is how to invest in stocks or about how the stock market works … [Read more…]


How The Stock Market Works

If you are a new to investing and would like to get into investing in stocks, you may be wondering what is the stock market or how the stock market works? … [Read more…]


Choosing A Stock Broker – Guide to Stock Brokers

Choosing the right stock broker is definitely one of the keys to be a successful trader & investor. With so many stock brokers out there-both online stock brokers and full service brokers, it can be difficult in choosing one … [Read more…]


Hours of the Stock Exchange

The stock market is only open during certain hours of the day. Find out the stock exchange hours for the US stock market and other stock markets around the world … [Read more…]


Stock Symbol – Understanding Stock Ticker Symbols

Many of us have seen those strange looking stock symbols that flash on the tv screen every so often. But, what is the purpose of a stock symbol and what do they mean? … [Read more…]


How The Stock Exchange works – Stock Exchange 101

Stocks are traded on what are called stock exchanges. A stock exchange is a marketplace where participants meet to buy and sell shares of stock. It provides a single, neutral location for everyone to come together to execute trades … [Read more…]


List of Major Stock Exchanges

There are currently 13 registered stock exchanges operating in the United States, see a list of the major US stock exchanges and also around the world … [Read more…]


Interesting Facts – Stock Market Facts

Did you know? – 10 interesting stock market facts. Learn some facts and figures of the stock market … [Read more…]


Stock Market Glossary of Terms

Whether you’re a new investor or a more advance investor, a stock market glossary of terms always comes in handy for a quick clarification on a particular term or to expand your overall stock market vocabulary … [See Glossary…]


Educational Resources on The Stock Market

Links to additional resources on the stock market, such as investment organizations and stock exchanges that provide educational material and tools for investors … [Read more…]