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What Are Penny Stocks

pennystock Many of us have heard of Penny Stocks. But, what is the definition of a Penny Stock?

The SEC defines the term “penny stock” to be stocks trading for less than $5 per share and considered them high risk and speculative. Some set the cut-off point at $3, while others consider only stocks that trade under $1 to be penny stocks … [Read more…]


Where Do Penny Stocks Trade?

where-penny-stock-trade Most penny stocks trade over-the-counter where they are quoted through the Over-the-Counter Bulletin Board (OTCBB) and Pink Sheets (now the OTC Markets).

Penny stocks can also be found trading on a variety of exchanges, such as NASDAQ, NYSE, and AMEX … [Read more…]


Choosing A Penny Stock Broker

penny-stock-brokers-brokerage Choosing the right broker is one of the main factors to becoming a successful trader & investor. There is a variety of online brokers so choosing the one the best suits you can be hard.

While, there isn’t a broker that specializes as just a “penny stock broker”, there are plenty of brokers that offer clients to invest or trade in penny stocks. … [Read more…]


Penny Stock Scams

penny-stock-scam Since many Penny stocks or Microcap stocks that trade under $1.00 are thinly traded and have low liquidity they can be an easy target for manipulation compared to larger cap stocks.

There is a variety of schemes out there, one of the most notorious of all penny stock scams is the “pump and dump”… [Read more…]


Understanding Penny Stock Promotions

stock-promoter A stock promotion is when someone promotes a stock. In a sense, you could think of a stock promotion as an advertisement of a particular company’s stock.

The purpose of a stock promotion is to drive interest to the stock so that it will attract investors to buy shares in the stock … [Read more…]


What Are Stock Promoters?

A stock promoter is a person that gets paid to advertise a stock to potential investors.

They are paid to solely hype and promote a stock to increase trading volume with the goal of increasing the price of the stock … [Read more…]


Pump and Dumps & Penny Stocks


Pump and dumps are typically associated with microcap companies, which are also known as penny stocks and trade over the OTC Bulletin Boards and Pink Sheets.

These type of stocks are much easier to move and manipulate compared to larger cap stocks because they have a low share float and it does not take a lot of buyers to push a stock higher … [Read more…]


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Promoter Tracker – Tracking Stock Promoters


Trading stock promotions can provide some great trade opportunities, although risky, we feel that trading promoted penny stocks can be very profitable.

We track the top stock promoters. Check out our promoter tracker. … [Read more…]


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Day Trading Guide

day trading penny stocks
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Learn to Trade Penny Stocks

learn-to-trade-penny-stocks We have designed this section to help you learn how to trade stocks. I have made easy to understand videos and tutorials so that you begin the first steps towards learning the basics of stock trading …